Advanced Healer Our healing system allows you to customize the way your character heals in several ways, allowing you to personalize it enough to survive the toughest dungeons. Different healing conditions will allow you to heal at randomized health . The healer can also start healing at five percent and it will not stop before reaching a chosen condition. We have 2 different sets of healing rules: HP healing and Mana Healing. This way you can use spells or potions + mana potions! With prioryty on hp ( so firstly DiaxBot just use health potion and then just mana ).

Customizable Cavebot

The cavebot system is not only easy to use and make paths with. It introduces a new concept for cavebot waypoints.

We have several types of waypoint nodes: Stand,  in future - (Shovel and Rope). Before you start using DiaxBot you should watch Tutorials because DiaxBot is based on DirectX . It's created  on real tibia!   Watch tutorial : DiaxBot Tutorial - Cavebot

Important! - You can't get ban , because we are basing on graphic as our eyes see. Without interfering with the game client!

Smart Targetting + Looting You can just set hotkey and attack monsters with runes ( like gfb , avalanche ) , or just exori hur etc. You can choose looting by only right click or with shift.  More about it you can find on our forum in Tutorials Section