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Vampire Crypt For Mage Edron  


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22/09/2019 12:22 pm  

Scripts tested on ed 280+

Lvl: Mage 200+
EXP - 600k-1kk/h 
Profit  - 150k-300k/h
Remember to set up healing , targetting for yourself!

How much it costs and how to Buy Script?


Price: 350tc or 12euro


If u wanna buy via PayPal just use link bellow and send e-mail with name of script and your id

Link to pay via paypal:

Or if u wanna pay Tibia Coins, send TC and Email with name of script + your hwnd and name of your character

Character name: Diaxinio



Whenever when you buy SCRIPTS you have full lifetime access to it - so you need to buy it only once.


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